Were you gutted when Demonia seemingly discontinued their "Disorder" range? Well pine no more, as all is not lost!

Our Demonia insider reliably informed us that the "Disorder" label has been rebranded "Defiant".That's right - you can shop your favourite Disorder styles by simply changing the name from "Disorder" to "Defiant", but keep the number suffix: so "Disorder-100" because "Defiant-100" etc. The corresponding rebranded footwear is identical to the original label model.

Demonia have also extended the original with range, with new additions such as the Defiant-306, which resembles a biker/motorcycle style boots with multiple buckles, or the Defiant-206, which is a slightly shorter version of the 306, but which has a single buckle.

Why not checkout the entire range complete with the new editions to see how it's expanded?.

whilst you are browsing, why not check out the similar Gravel range, which affords a fiercer look, with multiple buckles, steel plates, chains and internal steel toe.

This real leather range, has been discontinued, so you'll have to act fast to get one of the last pairs left.