In our line of business - selling alternative footwear - few things surprise us. We sell all types of footwear to all types of people. From women that like the fiercest, masculine, heavy duty boots, to men that desire ‘lolita’ styles. What sometimes raises a slight eyebrow, however, are customers at the higher end of the age spectrum indulging in footwear usually marketed at the so called youth market.


Recently I spoke to a woman who gladly volunteered that she was around 60 who purchased some aggressive looking multiple buckle/multiple strap, chain dripping platform knee boots.

When I inquisitively asked what sort of occasion they were being bought for (eg, fancy dress or theatre play) she cheerfully informed me that they would form part of her every day attire.

Being a woman of a mature age myself (though not in the age vicinity of this particular client) I told her how bold I thought she was and admired the fact that she seemingly

didn’t care about the attention such footwear attracted. It was a revelation to me that she had never given other people’s opinion a second thought.

I then reflected on what age I was before I subconsciously decided that certain types of fashion was no longer appropriate to wear and then questioned why I thought so. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that I saw an image of a 70 year old Cher in a thong - and she didn’t look too bad either. I also remember spotting on a news site a similarly aged Helen Mirren in a bikini, looking for all the world like she had the torso of a 40 year old.

Back to footwear, though, and I continued to wonder about the cause of my self-ban on alternative footwear due to what I considered to be what was age appropriate. After all a 52 year old Helena Bonham Carter wears the grungiest boots and looks totally original. A Daily Mail article described her style as eccentric, but would it be considered so if she were younger....? Hmmm.....

I finally determined that my reasons where actually probably due to a lack of confidence to be the free spirit that I would like to be and walk down the high street donning whatever I wanted to. I think I’ll have to work on that....

I’ll have a stiff gin and take a stroll in our own Vork branded Dynamic-600 boots (pictured above).  That would be a fairly innocuous start into being my true self. .

I think that Helena, in particular, would be proud of me.